Bible Classes

Adult Bible Class

Large Auditorium

Topic: Providence of God

Young Families Bible Class

Small Auditorium

Topic: Joy > Happiness: A Christian Perspective on Centered Living

Senior High (9th-12th) Class

Senior High Room- RM 210

Sunday Topic: Joshua, Judges, and Ruth Wednesday Topic: Denominationalism

Baby, Toddler, and Pre-K Classes

Pre-K and Under

Read more to see the break down of our classes from Cradle Roll to Pre-K.

Wednesday Night Bible Class

Large Auditorium

Topic: Discipleship

Ladies Bible Class

Sunday Class: Training Room; Wed PM: Room 201

Sunday Topic: Hebrews
Wednesday Topic: "How to Train Your Dragon"

Junior High (6th-8th) Class

Junior High Room- RM 213B

Sunday Topic: Bible Foundations Wednesday Topic: Baptism

Empty Nesters

Room 201

Topic: Study of Acts

YAMS Bible Class

Room 204

Topic: Making the Most of Your Christian Life

Children's Bible Classes

Kindergarten - 5th Grade

Read more to see the breakdown of the children's classes.