Missions are very important to us at Meridianville! 

Here are the works that we support: 

  • Gospel of Christ - David Fanning 

  • Preaching the Gospel - James Watkins 

  • International Gospel Hour

  • Winder Church of Christ 

  • Midway Church of Christ 

  • Life Resources Int

  • Nigeria Preaching School 

  • Gaupiles, Costa Rica 

  • Cariari, Costa Rica

We also support the work of: 

  • AGAPE 


  • Rainbow Omega 

  • ChildHaven 

Prayer Group

World Bible School

World Bible School (WBS) is a nonprofit ministry that provides free Bible study courses worldwide. For 40 years, WBS has offered foundational Bible lessons to help people come to know God, understand the Bible, and live a life of faith. We have local Study Helpers to assist students who enroll by web, email, or postal.
For more information or to enroll, go to The Way to Life.

Guapiles Congregation.jpg

Gaupiles, Costa Rica

Guapiles, Costa Rica is a township of about 20,000 people located on the Caribbean coastal plain in the province of Limon. The economy is based in agriculture (pineapples, plantains, and bananas). The church at Meridianville helped start this congregation in 2002 with a handful of members meeting in a carport. Since then, the congregation has grown to about 80 members. In 2006, we assisted the Guapiles congregation in purchasing a permanent meeting place in the heart of the city. The minister supported at the Guapiles congregation is Evans Campbell and was hired in 2015.  Evans has over 30 years of preaching experience.

Each summer a group from our congregation travels to Guapiles to assist in the local campaign planned and coordinated by the church at Guapiles. This work includes one-on-one bible studies, nightly VBS, leadership workshops for the youth, the men, or ladies, visitation, and door knocking. Their growth and maturity can be seen through the efforts they started on their own. In 2009, a prison ministry was started, fulfilling a need for the Gospel to be brought to those incarcerated, of which several have obeyed. In 2008, the members helped to start a new congregation in Cariari, another rural community close to Guapiles. The preacher hired at Cariari was an original member of the Guapiles congregation.

Those who take the trip to Costa Rica are eyewitnesses to what an investment in the mission field can become. We have many members at the Meridianville congregation who have been involved with the Guapiles work over the years, both from home and on the ground in Guapiles. Many souls have heard the Gospel because of investments we have made in Guapiles, Costa Rica.


Cariari, Costa Rica

Cariari, Costa Rica is a very rural community in on the Carribean coastal plain in the province of Limon. This congregation was started in 2009, by members of the Lord’s church at Guapiles. Each January, a mission team travels to Cariari to assist in a local campaign coordinated by the members at Cariari. The preacher at Cariari, Mesidor Ismith, was an orginal member at the Guapiles congregation and we are currently financially supporting him in this work.


A majority of our time during the campaign in Cariari, Costa Rica is spent conducting Bible studies, which have been set up by Ismith. We assist in visitation, VBS, and Bible class for new converts as well. Transportation issues and much more harsh conditions make the work in Cariari a bit more challenging. However, through the support from the Meridianville congregation, the church at Cariari has a full time minister and a place to meet. May the Lord continue to bless this work and brothers and sisters at Cariari.