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Thank you so much for stopping by our Girls Day page! Sadly, things just didn’t go our way this year and we were not able to get together but that doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy the awesome studies that were prepared! The theme this year for our Girls Day is Prepared by God.  We wanted to talk about how God takes us on our very personal, very specific journeys for a reason: because He is preparing us for what’s to come.  So, a lot of the goodies that have been delivered out and the videos of the studies and breakout sessions all revolve around that theme.  God prepares, molds, shapes, and helps us for what’s to come in our futures.  And in turn, there are also ways that we can be preparing ourselves- physically with exercise and nutrition, spiritually with study and prayer, socially with evangelism and reaching out, and mentally with learning how to control our fears and anxieties.  This year, we included the parents and planned two classes on Parenting Kids With Anxiety and Parenting Kids With Technology and those classes will also be below. We were also able to add a few extras for everyone! We have two very special ladies that also made videos on how to be prepared when we are in a dangerous situation and how to prep for outdoor survival so make sure you check those out too!

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