12228 Hwy 231, Meridianville, Alabama 35759 Sundays: Bible Class 9:00 am / Worship 9:55 am & 5:00 pm, Wednesdays: Bible Study 7:00 pm

Missions: Internet Missions

WBSWorld Bible School (WBS) is a nonprofit ministry that provides free Bible study courses worldwide. For 40 years, WBS has offered foundational Bible lessons to help people come to know God, understand the Bible, and live a life of faith. We have local Study Helpers to assist students who enroll by web, email, or postal.
For more information or to enroll, go to The Way to Life.


WVBS World Video Bible School (WVBS) is a nonprofit ministry that provides a web-based Bible course consisting of a short introductory lesson and five easy lessons, all less than one hour each. The lessons teach students the basics of becoming a Christian and living a faithful life. Go to WVBS. You can also correspond with local teachers if you have any questions about the lessons. Email us with your questions or comments at mcocwvbs@att.net.