12228 Hwy 231, Meridianville, Alabama 35759 Sundays: Bible Class 9:00 am / Worship 9:55 am & 5:00 pm, Wednesdays: Bible Study 7:00 pm


Chad Baeder

Jerry Carter

Kevin Crabb

Kyle Franklin

Chris Groce

Allan Guess

Josh Kachelman

Scott Lyle

Matthew Morgan

John Shelton

Michael Stevenson

David Taylor

Ben Williams

Frank Williams

“Likewise deacons must be reverent, not double-tongued, not given to much wine, not greedy for money, holding the mystery of the faith with a pure conscience. But let these also first be tested; then let them serve as deacons, being found blameless. Likewise, their wives must be reverent, not slanderers, temperate, faithful in all things. Let deacons be the husbands of one wife, ruling their children and their own houses well.”
– 1 Timothy 3:8-12

Specific Areas of  Service

Worship Coordinator (Deacon – Chad Baeder) The main responsibility of Worship Coordination is to ensure that the men who have been selected to serve for  Sunday AM & PM, and Wednesday PM worship services are present and available and for finding substitutes if necessary.

Benevolence Efforts, Need Requests (Deacon – Jerry Carter)  The main responsibility of the Benevolence Efforts and Need Requests is assisting members and nonmembers making requests for sustainment such as food from the church pantry or express a need for monetary assistance.

Building Maintenance, Ushers (Deacon – Kevin Crabb) The main responsibility of the Building Maintenance is assisting the Elders with all building maintenance and repairs issues.  The main responsibility of Ushers is making sure that there is adequate help assigned for the worship service, guest seating, and participates in the communion service.

Hospital Ministry, Bible Bowl (Deacon – Kyle Franklin) The main responsibility of the Hospital Ministry is facilitating the group’s monthly work-days and hospital visits, delivery of care bags to the sick members and nonmembers at local hospitals and occasionally at Vanderbilt and UAB.  The Hospital Ministry has many facets that bring together men and women of all age groups including our young men and young ladies.  The main responsibility of Bible Bowl is teaching youth members the current Bible Bowl program of study to facilitate Bible learning and knowledge and preparing the youth members to compete in the North Alabama Bible Bowl.

Care Groups (Deacon – Chris Groce) The main responsibility of the Care Group  work is to encourage, serve, and care for the members.  Each Care Group meets monthly to fellowship and discuss any needs within the group that may require attention.  The Care Groups send cards, make calls, and visits to encourage members.  When surgery, sickness, or death falls upon a member, the Care Group is here to comfort and support the family by providing meals.

Information Technology, Vacation Bible School (VBS) (Deacon – Allan Guess) The main responsibility of Information Technology (IT) is facilitating all IT efforts of the congregation, including the church website, domain management, sound room hardware and software, church office computers and technology, church internet connectivity, and other technology related items.  The main responsibility of Vacation Bible School (VBS) is to plan, organize, and run the yearly VBS week.

Young Men’s Training Class (YMTC), Lads to Leaders (Deacon – Josh Kachelman)  The main goal of the Young Men’s Training Class (YMTC) is to train young men from early elementary school through high school to lead in the Lord’s church.  The emphasis areas include public speaking, song leading, leadership characteristics, and personal introductions.  The class meets on the first and fourth Sunday each month and conducts PM services at a local congregation on the third Sunday of each month.  The main goal of Lads to Leaders, a leadership development tool,  is to provide children from pre-K through high school the opportunity to develop their abilities in a wide range of disciplines, including public speaking, song leading, Bible reading, detailed Bible knowledge, debate, and many others.  The culmination of the event is a convention help in Opryland Hotel in Nashville, TN on Easter weekend each year.

Evangelism (Deacon – Scott Lyle) The main responsibility of the Evangelism work is to seek opportunities to teach our friends and neighbors about Jesus Christ, including contacting our missing members, contacting newcomers to the community, and performing good works and/or providing a helping hand to those in need.

Shut-In Ministry, Good Works and Congregational Information, Bulletin Boards (Deacon – Matthew Morgan) The main responsibility of the Shut-In Ministry is to meet the needs of our shut-in members and also strives to help those members to still feel engaged with the church family.  This ministry is based off of our Hospital Ministry and provides the following on a regular basis: phone calls, cards, visits, meals, care packages, shopping services, lawn care, and any other needs of each shut-in.  The main responsibility of the Good Works and Congregational Information work is to keep the congregation informed and provide written information/articles to promote the good works that are accomplished by members of the congregation including bulletin articles, content for the opening remarks, website content, and quarterly newsletters.  The main responsibility of the Bulletin Board Program is to assist members in providing current information for programs or themes for each bulletin board in the building.

Family Retreat, Dinner for Six, Pictorial Board, Inviting Visitors to Lunch, New Member Dinner, Friend Day, and Kings Kids (Deacon – John Shelton) The main responsibility of the Family Retreat is to plan a weekend for members to go away for a time of fellowship and study for the purpose to grow closer to each other and to the Lord.  The main responsibility of the Dinner for Six is to encourage two couples (or more) to invite one another into one of their homes in order to get to know each other for the purpose of members to fellowship.  The main responsibility of the Pictorial Board is to display a picture board of all members of the congregation.  The main responsibility of the Inviting Visitors to Lunch is to identify and invite visitors at worship services to lunch to show and encourage the visitors that they are welcomed and that they or welcomed to continue to attend our worship services.  The main responsibility of the New Member Dinner is to prepare a time of fellowship and a meal to spotlight and welcome the newest members of the congregation.  The main responsibility of Friend Day is to hold an event once a year to provide a special opportunity to invite friends and neighbors to worship.  The main responsibility of Kings Kids is to provide a quarterly youth event for the youth of the congregation that is younger than Kindergarten age.

Costa Rica Missions, Bi-Annual Men’s Breakfast, Annual Graduation Banquet, and Annual Sweetheart’s Dinner (Elder – Rick Shotts) The main responsibility for the Costa Rica Mission work is to coordinate the efforts associated with both mission works in Costa Rica at Guapiles and at Cariari.  The main responsibility of the Bi-Annual Men’s Breakfast, the Annual Graduation Banquet, and Annual Sweetheart’s Banquet is to coordinate and plan those events.

Young Families (Deacon – Michael Stevenson) The main responsibility of the Young Families work is to focus on anyone who would feel they fit that description, and work to promote friendship, fellowship, and growth of your faith while sharing a common bond amongst one another. This work aims to help alleviate some of the challenges and burdens that we all face daily that can seem overwhelming and promotes Christian fellowship while continuing to do God’s will.  The program has various activities including social events, fellowship meals, and making phone calls and visits.

Local Missions Leaders (Deacon – David Taylor) The main responsibility of the Local Mission Leaders work is coordinating and providing worship and Bible class leaders to local congregations to assist them in conducting their worship services.  The men of our congregation participate as speakers, preachers, song leaders, and Bible class teachers.  Our congregation provides coverage for congregations in 2 states and as far away as 40 miles.

Education Program (Deacon – Ben Williams) The main responsibility of the Education Program is to assist the Elders in finding people to teach classes each quarter as well as organize topics and evaluate curriculum.

Stateside Missions, Family Retreat (Deacon – Frank Williams) The main responsibility of Stateside Missions is to financially support and grow new and current congregations in areas within the country until they are financially able to be self-sufficient.  They meet with the congregation(s) three to four times a year.  The church at Winder, GA is a stateside mission that we are currently supporting (2017).   The main responsibility of the Family Retreat is to plan a weekend for members to go away for a time of fellowship and study for the purpose to grow closer to each other and to the Lord.  They also schedule and plan bi-monthly game nights.