12228 Hwy 231, Meridianville, Alabama 35759 Sundays: Bible Class 9:00 am / Worship 9:55 am & 5:00 pm, Wednesdays: Bible Study 7:00 pm

Adult Ministries

Care Groups

The Care Groups mission is to encourage, serve, and care for the members. Each Care Group meets monthly to fellowship and discuss any needs within the group that may require attention. The Care Groups send cards, make calls, and visits to encourage members. When surgery, sickness, or death falls upon a member, the Care Group is here to comfort and support the family by providing meals.

Young At Heart (YAH)

The Young At Heart (YAH) groups’ Mission is to keep senior members involved in the Lord’s work.  They are a group of seniors aged 60 years and older but young at heart that enjoy life, love worshipping, lover serving, and love God.  They ultimately want to glorify God, follow in the perfect steps of Jesus, and share the gospel with everyone.  The group is involved in several activities including gathering for meals and games, singing songs, having prayers of thanksgiving, and conducting devotionals.  They also regularly send out greeting cards, conduct benevolence outreach, prepare food for the sick, and conduct visitations.  They want to encourage all to use their Time, Talent, and Treasure to further God’s kingdom.

College Group

The college group seeks to provide fun opportunities and activities for Christian fellowship amongst our college-aged members. Our goal is to help each other grow stronger in Christ and cope with the stresses and struggles that often come during the college-age years. The college group regularly comes together at each others’ houses for meals, TV nights, and other fellowship activities. Past group outings have included haunted houses, zip-line courses, Six Flags, white-water rafting, & walking/running events. There is also a college-age bible class that meets regularly. The college group has a great time together and cherishes Christian fellowship at a time in life when that is often hard to find.